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Welcome to the family, she says, before serving me a huge Irish breakfast. Khondoker set up the cafe in 1983 alongside her husband Monid, an Indian caterer she fell in love with while waiting tables at a hotel chain. A lot of people used to ask me in the 70s, Is your husband a doctor? but I didnt care what they all thought, Khondoker tells me. He was a Muslim and converted to Catholicism just to be with me. We both love the racial diversity in Lewisham. It means a lot. READ MORE: The Last Bite Perhaps best known to locals for its all-day breakfasts, Maggies also operates as a small bar in the evenings, serving slow-cooked lamb shanks with gravy-soaked meat that drops off the bone in fibrous flakes. When asked what shes most proud of on the menu, Khondoker excitedly boasts of its many types of potatoesmashed, jacket, roast, chips, and even boiled. In the kitchen.


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