An Inside Look At Elegant Restaurants Tactics

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Fruition Chocolate of Shokan was a dual winner in the chocolate category as well as a finalist in the confection category. Its our first award, and were pretty excited about it, said Karl duHoffmann, a partner with Jeff Soons at Orchard Hill. People increasingly look at these awards as imprimaturs of quality and sustainability, so this really serves to introduce us to the gatekeepers who decide what gets put on the shelf at restaurants and stores. The business, which opened two years ago after trialing brandies and hard ciders with Soons apples for a decade, won for its aperitif, Ten66 Pommeau. The blend of apple brandy and unfermented cider is aged in French oak barrels in a salute to Normandys Calvados. Dahlia and Bryan Graham, co-owners of Fruition Chocolate, have won six Good Food Awards among other accolades in their five years in business. Were so honored to be a part of this community of creative, talented and dedicated craft food producers and we take a lot of pride in being able to apply the Good Food Awards seal to our winning products, the Grahams saidin an email. They were honored this time around for two chocolate bars. One, the Hudson Valley Bourbon Dark Milk 61 Percent, uses bourbon from Tuthilltown Spirits in Gardiner. The other, Maranon Canyon Dark Milk 68 Percent, uses a rare cacao from Peru to produce a unique high percentage milk chocolate. The same chocolates also secured honors at the Northewest Chocolate Festival in Seattle and the International Chocolate Awards in London last year.

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